An Introduction to Network Weaving

This practical guide is useful for individuals or groups interested in gaining the basic skills to improve the effectiveness of their networks. Spiral bound for easy use.

150 pages. ©2013.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted December 29, 2022


June Holley flips the networking mindset (which is all about you trying to sell yourself) to network weaving which is building a community by acknowledging other's strength to build a community of support and action. This workbook is easy to follow and was the inspiration I needed to think more critically about the network I am building.


Review posted December 8, 2022


I tend to focus on the tasks at hand and prioritize those over relationship building opportunities. This book really helped me think about how to think about the importance of networks and the natural strength they can bring to our lives and our work.


Review posted November 10, 2022


Excellent workbook that I used to help my new staff in the art of networking.


Review posted October 19, 2022


Easy to read and practical. Perfect for visual learners.


Review posted September 27, 2022


Great resource!


Review posted September 14, 2022


This book is a great resource on how to work with and within a network. One thing is that the print is very fine and hard to read in some places.

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Review posted February 12, 2022


I learned of helpful tools to support my networks like Better communication systems allow more information sharing for ideas and trigger more action that everyone can see. Very practical read and use as a reference when kicking off an organization or workgroup.


Review posted October 18, 2021


Great ideas, skills, and tools for my organization.


Review posted September 17, 2021


This book really gives you insights and tools that you can use at your own time. it has helped me to understand why the networking and its value that can bring in to the table.


Review posted August 23, 2021


very helpful and informative book on networking


Review posted July 19, 2021


Very helpful in bringing many threads of thought into a coherent plan.

Amy L Nelson

Review posted May 28, 2021


Key points Organized Gives great resources Easy to comprehend I've been learning a lot about myself and how I can work with those around to build up my own network. I can write in the book or not but it has questions to reflect on different things within the different sections. I can't wait to put everything I've been learning into full effect in my life.


Review posted November 10, 2020


This was a great introduction to ways in which you can maximize the effectiveness of your network. It was eye opening to realize how many networks I already have and the different ways I can serve them and they can serve me. I really loved the activities in the book and operationalizing the concepts was easier because of them. I enjoyed naming the concepts and practices that I was already using, learning new ways to leverage them, and learning new practices I hadn't yet conceived of. This book raised my awareness of some real promising practices and gave me many new ideas for putting them into action. Thank you for this powerful resource!

Lissa Davis

Review posted October 21, 2020


There was much to be learned from this book. In a day when resources are stretches to the breaking point, networking is more crucial than ever. Leveraging programs and contacts are even more valuable and this book provided ideas to integrate numerous resource networks into a cohesive "web" that is useful to a variety of agencies/programs.


Review posted September 1, 2020


I believe that collaborating with a variety of people interested in the same issue from different points of view is a very strong and healthy way to make lasting change in our communities. "An Introduction to Network Weaving" is a comprehensive guide to learn exactly how to do that.


Review posted June 17, 2020


Vert insightful on our structures are formed and informative of networking from a statistical perspective as well as practical.


Review posted June 16, 2020


A great workbook if you are looking to expand your network. Lots of exercises and questions to help an organization think thru their current sphere of influence and groups that are under represented.


Review posted March 20, 2020


I felt this book was easy to read and understand. It had many great fresh ideas and suggestions on what networking means, and how to do so functionally. It expresses the importance of networking and gives clear instructions on how to do so. It will be a great reference for me personally and I have highlighted though out the book so I have a quick place to look and review. The book is quick and to the point of the purpose and had no nonsense about it. It may be considered a dry read if someone is not interested in learning and obtaining knowledge about the topic.


Review posted December 8, 2019


I like the practicality of this workbook. It emphasizes exercises for exploring concepts. I think it would most appeal to those who are interested in building collaboration skills and group power for the systems they are involved with. I also like that it reflects the changing approach to leadership structure, an important topic for those who want to be part of making things better.


Review posted September 12, 2019


This book is a must for non-profits and those in social services. Networking truly is more science than art. From intention, we must proceed intelligently in order to harvest the fruits produced by networking. This gem of a book unlocks the secrets of powerful networking.


Review posted August 12, 2019


It wasn't what I expected based on the description, but it offered good information.

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Review posted June 20, 2019


I expected this book to be a little dated when we have such interconnection through online social networking tools now. Yes, that is a missing part of this older book. But so much of network building is about how to make real connections with respect, not just with a click. It is also about how to pull connections closer when there are shared concerns. This book is a great way to re-think networks and increase the effectiveness of them in a very personalized manner through worksheets and questionnaires. Most profound about this is the respectful and compassionate tone and processes. This is an excellent tool for building leadership and community with INTEGRITY.


Review posted May 17, 2019


This is a great resource, that has more value each time I read it. Recommended.

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Review posted May 7, 2019


"An Introduction to Network Weaving" was enlightening and provided ideas that were new to me.


Review posted May 4, 2019


It was OK. Fairly basic.


Review posted April 12, 2019


Excellent and informative book


Review posted April 11, 2019


This is a great tutorial for those that are beginning networking but also a good refresher on process. This is a good resource for non-profits and beyond. I appreciated the format of this book and the ease of reading it provided.


Review posted March 18, 2019


Honestly- this book is perfect for my needs. My organization has been struggling with lack of volunteers, and a good portion of that has been a lack of a solid network. We've gone through this and begun to go over worksheets in here to help implement it into our program and I have full confidence that it'll help turn things around here.


Review posted November 7, 2018


It wasn’t helpful for what I thought it would be but it did help me in my day to day job !


Review posted October 31, 2018


Great introduction book about the difference between management styles, and how to move toward a more networking type of management. I learned what type of manager I wanted to be and what type I am now. Really good information, laid out in a non-threatening way.


Review posted October 29, 2018


This book is very thought provoking. Well written and put together. I will recommend it.

Brian Mahoney

Review posted September 26, 2018


This book was useful because of the various approaches and advice given to building and strengthening networks. It was interesting because it has some Oregon examples. The troubleshooting networking problems section gives valuable practice examples.


Review posted September 15, 2018


I am the coordinator of a food system network, and I have found this to be a useful reference on the theory of networks, of how they work and why they work. It is also a practical book containing ideas for exercises and worksheets that allow the practitioner to take the theory and put it into practice. I cannot wait to employ some of the ideas in this book. My only criticism of the book is that some of the tools mentioned may be outdated, and others (such as Doodle, Google Docs) are now so commonly used that they are no longer innovative practices.


Review posted August 12, 2018


Loved this workbook. Good information!

Joanne Gordon

Review posted July 27, 2018


This book was a little too technical for my style of networking.


Review posted May 29, 2018


Fascinating, much more of a handbook or guide than a book to read cover to cover. Many useful ideas and ways to approach getting work done in communities.


Review posted February 28, 2018


This book is a treasure for community building organizers. Weaving the network is something our community is actively engaging in and this book is a great resource! Thank you!


Review posted February 24, 2018


A very good resource for networking practices and techniques. I enjoyed the read and I'll keep it handy as a reference tool.


Review posted February 13, 2018


This is an incredibly structured, detailed, and complex book, and I am looking forward to putting the exercises into practice. I truly believe that the future of non profit success is in collaboration.


Review posted January 16, 2018


A well-written workbook that allows you to fill in the blanks with your unique scenarios and data. A wealth of networks are shared to see how you might set your own up. The methodically laid out flow helped me from creating a lot of false starts.


Review posted January 8, 2018


This is a useful handbook to working with networks through system approach. Many great resources to incorporate into planning groups and processes.


Review posted December 3, 2017


This is a very helpful book. It has worksheets, lists for organizing, and other valuable resources. Well done!


Review posted November 13, 2017


Networking is such a valuable tool to affect change. This book will guide you through thoughtful exercises to improve the networking strengths of your organization. It is a great resource for a beginning group or an on-going initiative that needs to re-evaluate its effectiveness.


Review posted October 16, 2017


Great workbook... very detailed. Great charts and great to share with other non-profits and in networking. Took a little longer to get through but was well worth the time!!!


Review posted January 27, 2017


Good book