Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

This rhyming romp of a book carries an empowering message for kids: You can make a difference even if you're young. With diverse characters, engaging illustrations and a sense of humor, this tale of community improvement helps children understand that they have a voice in what happens in their neighborhoods. For ages 5 to 7 years. Also available in Spanish.

40 pages. ©2019.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted March 23, 2021


Another great book from Andrea Beaty! Sofia Valdez is a wonderful character children can look up to and realize that kids can make a difference.


Review posted March 23, 2021


muy buen mensaje en espanol. Sofia is a great example for us all. Love the LGBTQ+ friendly images in this story.


Review posted March 10, 2021


This book was absolutely wonderful with important messages. My daughter is a little young yet for the activity sheet but I love that this came with it and am saving it for when she's a little older.


Review posted March 4, 2021


Beaty's rhyming tale of empowering oneself to make a difference resonates with children and adults alike. The charming story has diverse characters and fantastic art. I shared this story with a Kindergarten class, a toddler, and then a colleague, all of whom had engaging conversations with me about the book. Sofia is a remarkable girl that is very relatable to readers; she sees a problem from a personal experience, and sets about to find out how to change it. Her bravery and involvement with her community are assets we all need. I highly recommend this book.

Angie Lamie

Review posted February 20, 2021


This book was a favorite for my 5th grade and even older students that had a chance to read it. I like how it was funny and engaging at the same time. I would recommend this book to anyone.


Review posted February 18, 2021


My 6yo daughter enjoyed reading this book to me. It led to great discussions about standing up for what we believe in, how to make a difference no matter what your age, healthy communities, and even learning about Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.


Review posted February 17, 2021


I have a very headstrong daughter. She loves this book and will even quote it. The rhyming and illustrations make it fun. The message makes it even more worth while.


Review posted February 15, 2021


This books have my students stuck a great insight on other kids.


Review posted February 12, 2021


A wonderful story to empower our little ones to help others and lead people to helping themselves.


Review posted February 12, 2021


I was so excited to read this to my kids. My kids are latinx and having them see a character who is also one has them excited to be able to relate. I also have a daughter that I cannot wait until she is older so she knows she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. I love all the books by this author and they all have such great purpose.


Review posted January 24, 2021


I enjoyed the bright colorful artwork. The rhymes make it a fun read. This is a good way to teach children that they can make changes for the better in their world.


Review posted January 18, 2021


I received this book in Spanish & I can’t wait until I can use it in my future classroom! It’s an inspirational book for kids even at young ages!

Ashley E King

Review posted January 6, 2021


Great message and role model. The rhyme and rhythm make it fun to read out loud. I plan on buying additional books in this series.


Review posted January 5, 2021


WOW! So very much needed RIGHT NOW to give us a passionate focus on effecting change and outlines the specific steps to take that even a 2nd grader took. We can follow suit.


Review posted December 26, 2020


I thought this book was so darling and inspiring! My daughter loves it.


Review posted December 21, 2020


Sofia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty , Illustrated by David Roberts I love this book. The story is about Sofia a second-grade student who sees a problem and goes about solving it. It is in rhyming text which makes it a delightful read aloud book. Sophia’s Abuelo gets hurt when he falls in Mt. Trashmore the local landfill and Sophia with her creative mind, courage and the help of people she has inspired take all the necessary steps to turn this landfill into a park. The illustrations fit perfectly with the moods in the story, humorous, sad, fearful, reflective and joyful.


Review posted December 17, 2020


Great story about the ways each of us can contribute in positive ways to our society. Loved the message and the pictures, lots of inclusion - race, gender, ability.


Review posted December 16, 2020


I read this book to my kiddos and they loved it! They are trying to put together projects to benefit their community now. Highly recommend!


Review posted November 30, 2020


Such a great book! My daughter loves it.


Review posted November 3, 2020


I requested this book to share with my son, who is a Spanish-English dual language elementary student. We read it together and he helped me with the translations-- a super fun way to read together! The book is beautiful-- illustrations are fun and full of detail, and the text is distributed in creative and compelling ways. As nice as it is to look at, the story is even better. Sofia Valdez is a second grader who has an idea for making her community safer and more enjoyable. Although she encounters political roadblocks, she uses her brave, strong voice to advocate for change and care for community. Definitely a recommended read with kids!


Review posted October 27, 2020


I thought that this was a wonderful book for young girls. I plan to give it to a Guatemalan family that has a first grade daughter. I liked the illustrations and the message. thank you!!


Review posted October 15, 2020


Loved this book as a way to make your kids feel like they can make change within their communities. Empowering! Love the story!


Review posted October 14, 2020


This was a beautiful and amazing book, I got it in Spanish and I am a little sad I can't order it again but in English. I LOVE IT!!


Review posted September 29, 2020


My son, age 6, loved this book and I have to say, I loved it even more! What an inspirational story about a young girl who sees a need in her community and rises up to break barriers and build community. Brought (happy) tears to my eyes. Highly recommend!!!


Review posted September 25, 2020


I absolutely love this book. It is inspiring especially to young Latina boys and girls. Finally they can see themselves in a book.


Review posted September 23, 2020


This book is fantastic! It helps children understand the importance of community collaboration and self-confidence to follow their dreams. Sofia is a dreamer and wants better things for her and her community. One of my favorite parts about the book is the relationship she has with her grandpa and how that relationship encourages her to want to be better and do better.


Review posted September 21, 2020


Oh my how we could all read this book and wish we were young again. Making a difference is how I live my life. If I can make a difference in any life I touch then I have met my life goal. Sofia set a goal to experience life and what ever rolled her way she would make it better. I enjoyed the illustrations and story. I will be getting the Spanish version next as i work in a Bilingual school.


Review posted September 17, 2020


Fun and empowering book to inspire kids


Review posted September 13, 2020


It’s a fun book with a great cadence which makes it easy to read and enjoyable to read aloud. It talks about how anyone can change their world and really inspires change.


Review posted September 12, 2020


What a great inspirational book for kids of all ages.


Review posted September 6, 2020


Great book. Written in a fun and engaging way with beautiful illustrations, a great message, and diverse set of characters. Will be reading this with many students this year.


Review posted September 2, 2020


Fantastic book that promotes community and leadership. An excellent read for K-3!


Review posted August 31, 2020


I've ordered a lot of free books from The Ford Family Foundation's Select Books program. A lot. They've been great. But this one. This is the first one I've been this excited to write a review for! Sofia Valdez, Future Prez is a children's story of how to be a Community Builder. There is so much right with this story. The hero is a young Latina who finds her courage to ask for help to improve her community, for her community. She sees a need, and even though it isn't easy, she rallies local government and local residents to make change happen. She's a Community Builder. I ordered this book to read to my grandboy. It will be a simple way for me to bring up the ideas of responsibility, local governance, and community building. I'll get to talk about these important ideas every time we read the book together. And, the book presents a competent, strong, female person of color in a positive way that isn't trite or tokenizing. Available in both Spanish and English. Free for residents of Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez should be in every library in rural Oregon. Whoever found this book for the Select Books program, well done. Well done.


Review posted August 28, 2020


My daughters, 5 & 10, and I greatly enjoyed this book. I liked that it showed how a person, no matter how young, can make positive impacts within their communities and work with others to create meaningful change.

Stacy Armstrong

Review posted July 29, 2020


An inspiring story of a helpful little girl who inspires others to do the right thing. The rhyming text is so fun to read aloud! A great multicultural selection for any school or home library.


Review posted July 28, 2020


This was an excellent book for my two sons (and their parents) who are learning how to be community builders, activists, and allies for our community. We have read it several times since we received it in the mail last week. It is a great way to illustrate the power of one voice and the ability of one individual to make change. Thank you for including this as a select-book. We hope you will add more books like this and others that will help us learn about racial justice and health equity.


Review posted July 28, 2020


I love reading Sofia Valdez, Future Prez! My 2 year old niece has also loved it and we've been talking about working together to help the community. Highly recommend!


Review posted July 27, 2020


This was a wonderful book to bring to our home library. My small kids (ages 3 and 6) were already familiar with some of the children at Blue River Creek from previous books by the same author. Expanding this world to feature Sofia and her dedication and resolve to improve her community for all its members was wonderful! Having been raised in a multi-generational home and actually, years later, working to build a community park, this story was especially poignant.


Review posted July 27, 2020


This is our current family favorite! After reading it we immediately went to our library and checked out 7 more books by the same author.


Review posted July 27, 2020


Great book! Loved how diverse and inclusive this book is. It is inspiring to see activism and a book students can see themselves connected to.


Review posted July 27, 2020


I found the Ford Foundation on Facebook, and what a lovely surprise. The book we received was Sofia Valdez, Future Prez- and it's awesome! My 6 year old daughter was very excited because she has read the other 3 books by the same author. The book features a strong Latina, female character and centers on the themes of family, internal strength, and community. THANK YOU FOR THE BOOK!!!