Niraja Cheryl Lorenz

Hallie Ford Fellow in the Visual Arts 2019

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Niraja Cheryl Lorenz Photo: Harold Hutchinson




Practicing artist 


After 20 years as a research psychologist, Lorenz is now a full-time artist. Her medium is quilting, specifically “piecing,” working with shibori-dyed fabric and solid-colored commercial and hand-dyed cotton. She cuts free-hand shapes and lines, sews them together in varied combinations that create textures and forms, and then combines them into large compositions. Quilting became her passion 25 years ago. With additional mentoring by renowned fiber artist Nancy Crow, her unique visual voice quickly emerged. Her work steadily receives invitations to exhibit as she begins moving from the quilt art world to that of exhibition installation. In 2015 she was invited to submit to Color Improvisations 2, an acclaimed international exhibition. Two of Lorenz’s large-scale quilts from her Strange Attractor series, were accepted and continue to travel through Europe and North America. Lorenz has exhibited in the Textile Museum of Canada (Toronto); the Carnegie Center for Art and History (New Albany, Indiana); at the Schweinfurth Art Center (Auburn, New York); the Visions Art Museum (San Diego, Calif); Huntington Museum of Art (Huntington, W. Va) and numerous locations in Oregon. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Western Washington University, followed by a Ph.D. in human experimental psychology from Cornell University.

Artist Quote:

 “I like to say that my work is not driven by a concept, but rather stories arise only after each composition emerges. My creations can be seen from many dimensions: a magnification of microscopic particles, the vastness of space, a cross-section, an aerial view, or all of these in one piece.”


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