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Oregon Voices

What is it like to live in your corner of the state?

That’s the question we asked people across Oregon in a first-of-its-kind listening project. Oregon Voices aims to learn more about the lived experiences of households in our state. With these results, we hope to help inform the programs and policies that touch the lives of Oregon’s children, families and communities.

We listen to learn

The Foundation partnered with researchers from Portland State University and ECONorthwest to develop the Oregon Voices survey, which was available in English and Spanish. Data collection took place from July through November 2021. More than 4,300 Oregonians from all walks of life responded to the survey, generously sharing their honest reflections on the question we posed: What’s it like to live in your corner of the state?

View the research

Survey results are now available to explore. The Oregon Voices research team will continue to release reports as the data is analyzed. Visit the Oregon Voices website for updates.

Oregon Voices
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About the survey

Oregon Voices was conducted in two phases. In the first phase — the “random household” phase— 500 families in each of Oregon’s 36 counties received an invitation to participate. The second phase of Oregon Voices — the “Ford Family” phase — reached out to 10,000 of the Foundation’s grantees, scholarship recipients, regional partners and staff.

Our research team designed the survey to elicit a snapshot of respondents’ daily lives, and could be filled out online, on paper or by phone. Questions touched on a wide variety of topics, including community participation, personal challenges, available services and points of pride.

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