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Our annual Oregon by the Numbers report features a detailed profile for each of Oregon’s 36 counties. Summaries of each measure of community well-being include county rankings and rural and urban comparisons when available. We provide quality data that decision-makers across all of Oregon’s diverse communities can use to take action.

Our goal is to help all of Oregon see all of Oregon.

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We offer a printed version of the report in even years, and in odd-numbered years we refresh the data online. Download a copy today and learn about the community you call home.

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Oregon by the Numbers 2023 edition


Oregon by the Numbers reports distributed

40 indicators

of community well-being

36 counties

in Oregon have unique data profiles

2023 Child Care Map

Child care

All 36 Oregon counties are considered child care deserts, which means for every regulated child care slot, there are at least three children who might fill it. As a result, many families across Oregon cannot find care for their children.

Five-year high school graduation rate

High school graduation rate indicates a community’s well-being as well as the skill of its workforce. Over the last few decades, the gap in wages between those with a high school diploma and those without one has provided strong incentive for students to complete high school. Still, across Oregon, a significant group of students require more time to graduate.

2023 Five-year high school graduation rate map
2023 Doulas County Profile

County profiles

County profiles highlight data for all of Oregon’s 36 counties. From population demographics to data about households experiencing financial hardship to top employment industries, county profile pages give readers an at-a-glance, visual way to learn about their county.

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