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Research and Publications

Accessible research you can use

The Ford Family Foundation generates original research that goes deep into issues important to the rural communities we serve. We invite you to download any of these reports and research briefs to use in your work.

Pathways to Securing Rural Federal Funding

This report highlights the challenges rural communities and organizations experience when pursuing federal funding and includes recommendations for increasing access.

There is an opportunity to use these funds for the betterment of rural communities in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California that we cannot ignore.

Pathway to Securing Rural Federal Funding Research
Protect Our Children report

Mobilizing Oregon Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

This report details the overall impact of Protect Our Children’s first seven years as a program of The Ford Family Foundation.

Oregon by the Numbers

Helping all of Oregon see all of Oregon

Wondering how your county fares in key measures such as child care, employment and food insecurity? Find out in Oregon by the Numbers — the Foundation’s yearly report that provides the essential data needed to tackle challenges in your community.

Oregon by the Numbers
Douglas Country Infant Mental Health Project

The Douglas County Infant Mental Health Project

Carefully nurtured relationships among a network of organizations have improved the coordination of services in the infant mental health community in Douglas County. Read the organizers’ playbook.

Supporting Rural Students in Oregon in High School and Beyond

This report explores gaps in postsecondary enrollment, persistence, transfer and completion outcomes between rural and urban students in Oregon. Summary briefs on male college Latinx college enrollment are also provided.

Supporting Rural Students report
Supporting Transfer Student Success

Supporting Transfer Student Success in Oregon

This collaborative research project presents examples of the positive role Oregon’s higher education institutions play in the state’s college transfer landscape.

Child Care in Rural Oregon

This issue brief investigates the economic impact of state policies that affect rural children and their families, as well as the challenges of operating a financially viable child care business in rural Oregon.

Child Care in Rural Oregon
Project Impact evaluation

Project Impact

This self-directed evaluation measures the impact of the Foundation’s rural community building work.

The Impact of Community Building on the Response of Rural Communities to COVID-19

How has community building enabled rural communities to respond to the pandemic? In June 2020, 15 rural communities partnered to explore this question through interviews and analysis.
Impact of Community Building

Investing in community building brings additional dollars to rural communities

A study of three rural communities engaged in long-term, community-wide community building efforts shows that grant dollars invested in community building efforts pay off.