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Ford Opportunity

Doing life and thinking about a college degree? We can help you do both

Our Ford Opportunity Scholars Program is an undergraduate scholarship available to parents of any age or adult learners over the age of 25 who work hard and have significant barriers — financial and otherwise — to higher education. Up to 96 renewable scholarships are awarded each year to students from Oregon and Siskiyou County, California.

Ford Opportunity Scholars by the numbers

ford opportunity scholarship first generation

71% are first-generation college students

ford opportunity scholarship single parents

42% are single parents (74% are parents)

Scholarships for our programs include a renewable financial award of up to $40,000 per year.

The actual award amount is calculated based on several factors, including the student's financial need, the Cost of Attendance at their college of choice and additional scholarships received.

We see your potential

Our selection process recognizes the potential of all students, especially rural students. There is no minimum GPA requirement to apply, however, quality of performance in college to date, if applicable, is considered. We look for resilient students seeking personal and economic fulfillment through education; students who believe success is the result of hard work and exemplify exceptional qualities such as:

ford opportunity scholarship Academic Potential
Academic potential

Show an academic ability to be successful in college; curious and motivated to learn

ford opportunity scholarship Community engagement
Community engagement and service to others

Contribute to school, family and/or community; think and care about how they impact the world around them and take action to get involved

ford opportunity scholarship Work Ethic
Work ethic

Demonstrate responsibility and initiative in skill-building and learning through experiences such as paid or unpaid work

ford opportunity scholarship Motivation Mindset
Motivation and mindset

Believe success comes from one’s ability to grow and learn; rise to challenges and persist despite obstacles; willing to ask for help and utilize resources

Ford Opportunity Scholars experience

For parents or adult learners seeking an associate or bachelor’s degree in their home state of Oregon or California, the Ford Opportunity Scholars Program covers expenses such as tuition, living expenses, books and required fees. Students with dependent children may also be able to add child care expenses to their Cost of Attendance. Specifically, the Ford Opportunity Scholars Program includes:

Financial support

How to Apply

Personal and professional support

Ford Family Foundation Scholar Icon

Lifetime connection with the Ford Family alumni community

How to Apply

Academic guidance

How to Apply

Leadership development

How to Apply
Ford Opportunity Scholarship student child

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of Oregon or Siskiyou County, California
  • Parents of any age or adult learners over the age of 25 as of March 1 of the application year
  • Have a goal of earning an associate or bachelor’s degree (and has not previously earned a bachelor’s degree)
  • Have at least one full year remaining in program as of fall of the application year
  • Prepared to enroll fall of application year, attending full time, at a federally financial aid-eligible public or private (nonprofit) college, based in their home state of Oregon or California*
  • Face significant barriers – financial and otherwise – to attending college
  • A completed financial aid application

*Residents of Siskiyou County may attend Oregon Institute of Technology, Southern Oregon University or Klamath Community College if they qualify for in-state tuition.

How to Apply

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