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Which scholarship is right for me?

Follow the steps below to choose the Ford Family scholarship that is right for you. Eligible undocumented students  are welcome to apply. And we’re always here to lend a hand — if you have questions, get in touch at fordscholarships@tfff.org.

Step 1. Confirm that all of these are true:

  • I am a resident of Oregon or Siskiyou County, California.
  • I plan to attend full time at a federal financial aid-eligible public or private (nonprofit) college in my home state of Oregon or California, beginning in the fall of the application year.
  • I have not previously earned a bachelor’s degree.
Find Your Ford Scholarships

I am a graduating high school senior, high school graduate, or equivalent

I want to earn a bachelor’s degree

I have never enrolled full time at a two- or four-year college

Ford Scholars Program

I am attending or have graduated within the last year from a community college in Oregon or Siskiyou County, California

I want to earn a bachelor’s degree

I will be under the age of 25 by March 1 of the application year

I have never completed a term as a full time student at a four-year college

Ford Transfer Scholars Program

I am a parent of any age or an adult learner at least 25 years old by March 1 of the application year

I want to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree

I am a college student or have attended college in the past or am a high school graduate or equivalent.

If I am a college student, I have at least one full year remaining in my program

Ford Opportunity Scholars Program

Bachelor’s degree: Granted by a college or university after four years of study, although some majors may take longer.

Associate degree: Granted by a community college after a two-year course of study.

Steps to apply

Step 1

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or equivalent.*

Step 2

Find your Ford Family scholarship program and apply starting December 1.

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Complete your application by March 1.

Find more tips and information on The Ford Family Foundation scholarship application process.

*Equivalent for undocumented students includes the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA).

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