Kelly Warner

Associate Program Officer

Children, Youth and Families

“Communities inspire me—how much they care and what they want for their children’s growth.”

Kelly Warner joined The Ford Family Foundation in 2022 with 20 years of public service experience in development, coordination and implementation of programming for students. She has worked as the career center manager and tribal youth council lead adviser for the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians. She also worked for the Tillamook School District for 15 years in several roles relating to youth transitions and career advising.

As part of the Children, Youth and Families team, Kelly enhances the Foundation’s support of grantees, caregivers and community builders who are supporting student success. Her specialty focuses on preparing youth to successfully transition into post-secondary education or careers.

“Every community has its own fingerprint and there isn’t one way to support youth as they graduate from high school,” Kelly says. Her impressive ability to listen makes Kelly a great thought partner to nonprofit and education leaders looking to improve student outcomes.
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