Michelle Martin

Field Coordinator

Rural Community Building

“I love to see communities be successful, to be able to come alongside with assistance and encouragement.”

Michelle Martin makes the east-west run between Douglas County and the coast weekly, spending time with community builders at every stop. As field coordinator serving Coos, Curry and Douglas counties, she is listening for opportunities for the Foundation to be a partner and connector. “I can see leaders in every community, those stepping up and sticking with it to get the job done,” she says.

Michelle has participated in extensive leadership training through the Foundation, graduating from the Ford Institute Leadership Program and serving on the Community Ambassador Team. A former business owner, she holds a degree in economics and business management and enjoys supporting the Foundation’s Community Economic Development team in their grantmaking.

With her “boots-on-the-ground” approach, Michelle can be found with her sleeves rolled up, participating in a community project or quietly encouraging emerging leaders to dip their toes into community building.
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