Tom Winter

Information Technology Manager

Administration and Operations

“If I’m doing my job right, I’m making others’ lives better – and nothing breaks.”

Tom Winter describes his information technology team as the gear in the machinery that allows the human interface to work. “We’re a little piece of everything that people are doing,” he says.

The information technology team is responsible for coordinating, reviewing and providing support for all technology-related matters. Increasingly, the Foundation depends on mobile technology to enable staff to spend more time out in communities, meeting people and building relationships.

As the Foundation learns about changing trends in rural communities, information technology increasingly plays a role. “We spend less time on technology and more on people,” Tom says. “Instead of looking at discrete data, we are building systems that help see where there are opportunities, ways to do things better and improve outcomes for communities.”

Tom graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a degree in civil engineering technology. Before joining the Foundation in 2015, he had a wide-ranging IT career in the health care, manufacturing, government and finance industries.
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