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We believe that every person has the potential to succeed in life. We believe in the value of education, gainful employment and self-determination for all people regardless of the circumstances of their birth. At the same time, we know that many people do not have access to the opportunities and supports that enable their success. Our investments address this opportunity gap. We also know that people encounter obstacles along the way, and we aim to help them overcome those challenges. 

We believe in the power of rural communities. Communities create the conditions that allow children and families to thrive. Communities are the backbone of our democracy. We believe that a community works best when it works for all of its members, especially for those who are disadvantaged or excluded due to poverty, race/ethnicity, and geography. Our investments provide rural communities with the tools and capacities they need to build a vital future for themselves – a future where every resident can thrive.

We believe that the future of rural Oregon and Siskiyou, Calif., depends on finding common cause and mobilizing collective effort. Communities and their residents are diverse. We believe that healthy communities harness the strength that comes from those differences and create a sense of belonging and commitment to the greater good. Our investments build on the wisdom of rural residents and seek ways to ensure that every voice is heard and respected. Creating a vibrant future is a complex task. It needs all of us – together. 

We commit ourselves to putting these beliefs into action. 

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