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If your organization recently received a grant, it is likely registered in our grants application system. If your organization has not received a grant, you will need to register before accessing the grants application system. Click the Apply for a Grant button below, then click the Register button.

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Watch our tutorial video for a walk-through on how to register, access our grant applications and submit grantee reports. Contact with questions.

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Large Good Neighbor

Large Good Neighbor grants are open year-round to support organizations serving children, families and rural communities. Above $50,000 capital; Above $25,000 programmatic. More information »

Small Good Neighbor

These grants can be flexible to meet your rural community’s energy and needs, including unforeseen emergencies that interrupt programming or services. Up to $50,000 capital; Up to $25,000 programmatic. More information »

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance grants help organizations build their internal capacity to make a positive impact. Typically up to $5,000. More information »

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