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For the unexpected and simple projects

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An emergency boiler repair is one example of this grant category.


Good Neighbor Grants: OPEN
The Ford Family Foundation provides small grants to organizations in response to unexpected needs or simple projects with strong community support. The Foundation has a limited amount of funds to support such projects each year, so these grants are highly competitive and not all requests will be funded. A simple application is used, and the requests are reviewed by staff at least once a month. If your project does not fit this category, check out our other Current Funding Opportunities.

Typical Grant Size: $1,000 to $10,000.  
Length: Single year
Types of Funds: Programmatic and capital — not general operating. Grants do not cover 100% of a project, unless it is a small component of larger project. 


For information purposes only (similar projects are not guaranteed funding). We give priority to short-term grant requests for simple projects, unforeseen emergencies that interrupt programming or services, and community events. We also prioritize projects where Foundation grant dollars are used to complete the funding of the project or program, thus most funding would already in place (can be a combination of cash and in-kind). For example:

  • A furnace repair at a community center
  • Bark mulch for a playground
  • Emergency needs
  • Free community cultural series

Lower priority given to:

  • Capital repairs necessitated by deferred maintenance
  • Support for programs that do not have enough funding
  • General capacity building
  • Technology upgrades and related software or equipment
  • Requests for small needs that fall into the other categories (Early Childhood Development, Youth Development and Education, Access to Health and Dental Services for Children, Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention, Community Building Spaces, Assistance Grants).

Good Neighbor Grant requests need to:

  • Meet the Foundation’s eligibility and readiness requirements
  • Serve communities in rural Oregon or Siskiyou County, Calif., with less than 35,000 in population not adjacent to or part of an urban or metropolitan area  


  • Very small grants can be decided within two months.  
  • Should the request be approved, funds will be released in no less than 60 days.

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