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MyFordInfo Portal for Recipients and Alumni

Our online portal, MyFordInfo, enhances student and financial aid partner communication with The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Office. All scholarship recipients need to become familiar with this site; it is a primary communication tool.

A username and password are required to access online services for Ford Family Scholarship recipients and alumni. Contact the Foundation Scholarship Office if you need assistance.

MyFordInfo Portal

Features include the ability to: 

  • View your financial aid budget as provided by your school
  • View your grade history as submitted by your school
  • View your scholarship disbursements
  • Update your personal profile information (e.g., address, phone, e-mail, etc.)
  • Access a directory of other Ford Family Scholarship recipients 
  • Access forms, policies, and other information 
  • Access graduate funding application 

Please note: Scholarship recipients must contact the Foundation Scholarship Office to change their name or college of attendance.



The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Office
44 Club Road, Suite 100 | Eugene, OR 97401
Toll Free: (877) 864-2872 | Local: (541) 485-6211
Fax: (541) 485-6223

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