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Capital Improvement Grants 
Applications: By Invitation Only 
(Please contact us if you’d like to be considered for future invitations)

Application opens early November 2021. Selections will be announced mid-February 2022.

These grants are for Oregon visual arts presenters whose principal mission is the exhibition, preservation and/or creation of art. Support to presenting institutions expands in 2020 to a range of spaces, including artist-run and other organizations without 501(c)(3) status. This shift is in direct response to the loss of critical visual arts exhibitors in Oregon, while also recognizing a history of artist-led endeavors. Invited non-501(c)(3) organizations will apply via our partnership with Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA).

Typical Grant Range: Up to $50,000

Funds requested may not exceed 75% of the project’s total budget. Most awards and project budgets will be significantly smaller than this. Approved funds will be released beginning March 2020. Exact dates will be determined by the specific project needs and any contingency requirements placed on the grant.

The Foundation may choose to fund less than the amount requested.

These grants are competitive and not all requests are guaranteed funding. 

Priority for funding requests for this component will be awarded to qualified institutions that currently have no open grants with the Foundation. If your institution has received a prior grant, but has completed its work and the required reporting, then your request will be competitively reviewed with all other requests.


To improve or expand exhibition, studio or appropriate storage space or to purchase equipment to showcase the work of Oregon visual artists; requests should indicate specifically how grant funds will be allocated.

Focus is NOT for large capital campaigns.

Priority will be given to projects with a strong, diverse funding plan that will support the completion of the entire project as outlined in the application. 

Preference will be given to those projects ready to expend grant funds in 2020, understanding that some project completion dates may cross a calendar year.

Foundation funds must finish a project or specific component(s) of a total project.

Project oversight expenses/indirect costs will not be funded (i.e. staffing and administration).

Overall Criteria:

Must be an organization focused on the exhibition, preservation and/or creation of visual art.

Organization must have a proven track record of mounting exhibitions.

Project must be feasible and one that will advance the organization’s ability to originate or host exhibitions and care for works of art, and/or support the creation of new work.

Organization is willing to work collaboratively with other institutions in their community and around the state to showcase promising Oregon visual artists.

Applicant organizations must have current 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the Internal Revenue Service, or follow application directions for non 501(c)(3) applicants, or be a governmental entity, or be a Federally-recognized tribe. 


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