Aden Bliss

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Administration and Operations

“Skills, experience, education – a lot of things are structurally and generationally out of reach for too many Oregonians. I am inspired and energized by the work being done and all that needs to be done.”

Aden Bliss found his way to The Ford Family Foundation because of the opportunity to serve communities in his home state—especially those that have been underserved and too often forgotten.

In his role as chief financial and operating officer, Aden makes sure that the foundation’s operations run smoothly, efficiently and are structured in a way to best support its mission and work. “Whether it’s through our technology, how we manage our resources, or making sure we have people aligned with our work, we can deepen the foundation’s impact,” he says.

Aden earned degrees from Stanford University and Wharton School of Business. He joined The Ford Family Foundation in 2015 after serving as chief financial officer for Blue Shield of California Foundation and for nonprofit organizations training school leaders and providing research and development in education.

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