Alicia Flory

Senior Program Associate

Rural Community Building

“Community building is integral to everything. The rural community builders we support are doing such amazing work.”

Alicia Flory keeps financial systems running smoothly—day after day, community after community, grantee after grantee. While she often works behind the scenes on contracts, invoices and budgets, Alicia is clear that her work is about supporting the energy and passion that rural residents have for their communities. “Sometimes, when I feel bogged down in budgets and financials, I remember we are doing this for community builders. In a way, I feel like I’m helping them with their goals.”

Alicia also supports the website, so she has a direct window into the impacts these leaders are having across the state.

A lifelong resident of Douglas County, Alicia joined the Foundation in 2008. She is a proud graduate of Umpqua Community College and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in business technology and analytics.
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