Bonnie Williams

Program Officer

Postsecondary Success

“Through grantmaking, we help more high-need students access education beyond high school because we know the outcomes and opportunities for them are greater with additional education and training.”

Bonnie Williams leads Foundation grantmaking for organizations providing residents of rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California, with pathways to college and career.

“My father was a rural, first-generation college student and he ingrained in me the economic and civic value of pursuing higher education,” Bonnie says. She understands that the transition from high school to learning opportunities beyond isn’t clear to many rural students and their families — the higher education system is complex and financially out of reach for many. As program officer, Bonnie seeks out opportunities to make these pathways clearer, removing barriers and opening doors that young people need to pursue their goals.

Before joining the Foundation, Bonnie was associate director for the Center for Career Planning and Professional Development at University of Oregon School of Law. Previously, she served as the Foundation’s manager for scholar and alumni engagement, joining the team in 2015 and supporting the transition from the Ford Scholar Alumni Association to the Alumni Leadership Council. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication from the University of Alaska Anchorage  and a law degree from University of Oregon.

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