Casondra Reeves

Program Associate

Executive Office

“I love how we are able to be connectors, bringing people and ideas together in ways that may not have been imagined otherwise.“

Casondra Reeves enjoys being a connector, whether it’s getting thousands of SelectBooks into the hands of rural readers or seeing grants reach small rural communities for a new roof or tables in the school cafeteria. In her role with the Executive team, she paves the way for and supports high-level meetings for groups such as the Board of Directors. She also leads the Foundation’s SelectBooks program.

Casondra says it was the sense of community that comes with growing up in a small town that first drew her to The Ford Family Foundation in 2017. “When I first started out, I worked for a local nonprofit responding to the needs of people in our community. The work was hands-on and deep in the weeds,” said Casondra. “Now at the Foundation, what excites me still is how we work in communities at a very personal level. It feels great to be a part of it.”

Originally from North Bend, Casondra earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Oregon.
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