Cindy Kemp

Accounting Associate

Administration and Operations

“We are evolving just like communities are evolving. What we are focusing on is really interesting and needed, especially now.”

Cindy Kemp joined The Ford Family Foundation’s Finance team after nearly three years with the Children, Youth and Families team. She works with accounts payable, payroll and investment accounting and administration.

Cindy’s own family journeyed to Oregon generations ago to work in the region’s forests, including for Roseburg Forest Products. Today, Cindy says being part of the Foundation provides her an opportunity to also make a better world for her own grandchildren, who are fifth-generation Douglas County residents. “When you boil it down, the Foundation’s philosophy is about treating people with kindness and respect,” she says.

Cindy is an inspiring lifelong learner, always embracing a growth mindset and encouraging it in others. Before joining the Foundation in 2020, Cindy worked for the Oregon Department of Corrections. Outside of work, you can find Cindy spending time with her grandchildren, reading or walking in nature.
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