Katherine Gandee

Manager - Scholarship Selection and Events

Postsecondary Success

Katherine Gandee builds community and improves processes, skills especially valuable for The Ford Family Foundation’s scholarship programs. As manager of scholarship selection and events, she builds and leads teams of application reviewers, improves the application, oversees the selection process, and organizes Scholar gatherings each year.

“The stories we hear from Scholars are inspiring,” Katherine says “A scholarship can have a life-changing effect, and it’s especially cool when I get to call to tell someone that they have been selected, that they are invited to join our Scholar family.”

Katherine naturally was drawn to education, believing that teaching is a way to better the world. Before joining the Foundation in 2016, she was a writing program adviser at the University of California, Santa Cruz and taught English at the University of Machala, Ecuador. She holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic communication from California Polytechnic State University.
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