Lynh Vo

Administrative Associate - Scholar Supports

Postsecondary Success

“Sometimes students recognize me from my emails—they know my name and come to find me at events to thank me. It’s good to know that they remember me, that I am helping, that it matters and has an impact.”

Lynh Vo is on the front lines for The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Office, bridging gaps and clearing the way for Ford Scholar success. She fields questions from students related to their scholarship and takes care of critical details like missing documents, student performance and access to supports.

Joining the Foundation shortly after her own graduation, Lynh is keenly aware of the impact scholarships and other resources can create for a student. “In my experience, scholarships made it so much easier to focus on my studies. Without them, I would have had to worry more about how to pay for college rather than engaging in it. It gave me the opportunity to participate and succeed. All students should have that opportunity.”

Lynh graduated from University of Oregon with degrees in psychology and family and human services. During her studies, Lynh first gained experience with student supports as a peer academic advisor and registration assistant for continuing education programs. She complemented her studies by serving as a student advisory board member for the school’s counseling center and interning with the county public health department.
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