Robin Hill-Dunbar

Senior Program Officer

Children, Youth and Families

“When I think of all of the roles that I have had in my career, the ones that prepared me the most are the lessons I received as a home visitor—meeting people where they were, building on strengths, connecting and building relationships first and always.”

Strong, positive and nurturing relationships are essential and create the foundation upon which the lives of children, youth and adults are built. As senior program officer for The Ford Family Foundation, this is exactly where Robin Hill-Dunbar focuses her decades of experience, knowledge and passion.

“The very first relationships we ever experience shape how we are able to learn and grow,” explains Robin. Her work in the Children, Youth and Families departments focuses on the system-level changes that allow families to provide the absolute best care for their children. By connecting agencies, advocates and community members who are dedicated to the same goal, Robin’s leadership helps the field do more — better — together.

Robin’s more than 20 years of work with families includes early intervention and early childhood special education, maternal and child health, and leading training and technical assistance in the early learning field. She holds a graduate degree in early childhood education from Portland State University and a certificate in infant toddler mental health. She was raised in Southern Oregon and is a Ford Opportunity Scholar Class of 2000.
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