Visual Arts Articles

Artist Lisa Jarrett

Oregon artist stirs conversation

For visual artist Lisa Jarrett, art is about much more than making objects. It is about exploring identity, forging connections, creating community and providing opportunities.
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rubén’s childhood bedroom, 2020 Video Still Photo: rubén garcía marrufo

Imagine beyond limits

The word border is infused with a wealth of meaning. For some, it is a physical line, for others a political separation. It is all that to Portland artist rubén garcía marrufo — and a lot more.
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Weaving Jovencio de la Paz

Weaving community

For Eugene artist Jovencio de la Paz, weaving is more than a medium. It’s an ancient craft with an important place in civilization’s history. It’s a place to share experiences and have important conversations.
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Midnight at High Noon

Artist-run exhibition space

About 10 years ago, Eugene artist Mike Bray and a group of fellow MFA students from the University of Oregon began looking for a venue to show contemporary art from around the country.
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