Volume XX | Issue 2 | Fall 2020
The American Library Association’s respected book review publication, Booklist, calls Sofia Valdez, Future Prez, “an inspiring story about how one voice can make a difference."

Kids making a difference

Picture book helps children realize they can be community builders

A bright, engaging book about a can-do young person, Sofia Valdez, Future Prez is a quick read with a lasting message: Even kids can make a difference. The rhyming picture book begins with a word portrait of the second-grader that young readers can identify with:

Raking the leaves, taking pets for a walk,
Or just dropping by for a treat and a talk,
Sofia Valdez did as much as she could
For her family and friends and her whole neighborhood.
A dreamer. A doer. A real-life go-getter.
Most people like good,
But Sofia liked better.

Sofia and her grandfather

When Sofia’s grandfather injures his foot at a local landfill while walking her to school, the opportunity presents itself: Why not turn the landfill into a neighborhood park? On Sofia’s journey to make this happen, she encounters problems familiar to community leaders. Everyone wants a park, but they want someone else to do it. No one thinks Sofia, a second-grader, can do it. Sofia must step outside her comfort zone.

And that was the moment when Sofia first knew
Being brave means doing the thing you must do,
Though your heart cracks with fear.
Though you’re just in Grade Two.

But every problem Sofia faces has a solution, all of it illustrated with 40 colorful, interactive pages. The diverse characters that populate the pages are characteristic of the work of author Andrea Beatty and illustrator David  Roberts. They are the creators of the New York Times bestselling Questioneers series, populated by STEM  picture books Ada Twist, Scientist, Iggie Peck, Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer. 

Young readers have the opportunity to make their own contribution with a separate, double-sided activity sheet, where they can create their own picket sign or doodle ideas on how they can help their own neighborhood.

This book is available for free to residents of Oregon and Siskiyou County, California, through the Foundation’s Select Books program. 

Available for free to residents of Oregon and Siskiyou, County, Calif.
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