visual arts program

2019 Hallie Ford Fellow

Jess Perlitz


(Left to Right) "Barely There," 2017. Fiberglass, FGR, 9 x 8 x 3 ft. "Crotch Pipe," 2019. Welded steel, 90 x 15 x 24 in. Photo: Mario Gallucci

Jess Perlitz makes work considering body and landscape and the ways in which we define and seek to recognize ourselves within it.

Grappling with how space gets articulated, her projects take many forms—traversing performance, sculpture, and drawing. The work has appeared in a variety of venues such as playgrounds, fields, galleries, and museums, including the Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, New York; Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ontario; and De Fabriek, The Netherlands. Born in 1978 in Toronto, Canada, Jess is a graduate of Bard College, received her Master of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art and clown training from the Manitoulin Center for Creation and Performance. Jess was named the 2018 Joan Shipley Fellow by the Oregon Arts Commission.



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