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mobilizing oregon communities to prevent child sexual abuse

This report details the overall impact of Protect Our Children’s first seven years as a program of The Ford Family Foundation. In addition
to measuring individual level impact, this evaluation documents systems-level changes in rural Oregon and Siskiyou County’s movement to end child sexual abuse. Read more and download the report »

Pathways to securing rural federal funding

Research report highlighting challenges rural communities and organizations experience when pursuing federal funding. Report includes recommendations for how statewide support can increase rural communities' ability to leverage upcoming federal funding streams. Read more and download the report »

The Douglas County Infant Mental Health Project

A place-based professional cohort model

A listening project by The Ford Family Foundation in 2017 identified a need for coordinated services in the infant mental health community in Douglas County. Results have been far-reaching and are continuing independent of the project today. The relationships that were carefully created and nurtured within the collaborative model are now creating a strengthened foundation of collaborative work throughout our rural community. Read lessons learned and download materials »

Oregon by the numbers 2021

As Oregonians face new problems to solve, decision makers across our state find themselves needing not only high-quality data, but new kinds of data. Oregon by the Numbers 2021 provides updated data for each of Oregon’s 36 counties along with innovative data highlights and in-depth explanations of each indicator of community well-being. Download the report »

A playbook for responsive philanthropy during natural disasters

Lessons learned from supporting recovery and rebuilding after the 2020 wildfires in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California

The timing of a natural disaster will never be convenient. Our hope is that when another natural disaster occurs, this playbook can serve as a guide. We feel that investing in organizational learning, reflection and thorough documentation can save time and resources in the future, when even minutes and hours count.


A Study of College Enrollment, Persistence, Transfer, and Completion Outcomes

This research explores gaps in postsecondary enrollment, persistence, transfer and completion outcomes between rural and urban students in Oregon. © 2021. Published by The Ford Family Foundation.

See the full collection of reports and research briefs »

Child Care in Rural Oregon: 

Bold Approaches to Address Systemic Inequity and Rebuild Child Care

Child Care in Rural Oregon

This issue brief investigates the economic impact of state policies that affect rural children and their families. It also reviews the challenges of operating a financially viable child care business in rural Oregon. © 2021. Published by The Ford Family Foundation.

Download a PDF of the full report
Download a PDF of a 2-page summary

Supporting Transfer Student Success in Oregon 

Supporting Transfer Student Success In Oregon

This collaborative research project raises up examples of the positive role Oregon’s higher education institutions play in the state’s college transfer landscape. The report highlights policies and practices that could help contribute to strong transfer outcomes for Oregonians. © 2019. Published by The Ford Family Foundation.

Project Impact

A self-directed evaluation of the impact of the Ford Institute for Community Building. 2019. Published by The Ford Family Foundation.

Project Impact (2-page summarY)

Two-page summary of the self-directed evaluation of the impact of the Ford Institute for Community Building. 2019. Published by The Ford Family Foundation

Foundations of facilitation for parenting educators »

Skilled and passionate parenting educators attract parents and keep them coming back to parenting classes.The Foundation now offers a training kit that increases the facilitation skills and tools of parenting educators who offer group-based parenting classes. También disponible en españolPublished by The Ford Family Foundation.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study 

Published by The Ford Family Foundation. A report exploring how the ACE Study findings are being applied in Oregon. Residents of Oregon and Siskiyou County, Calif., may order the report for free from Select Books.
Order a free copy from Select Books »
Or download a free PDF 

Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative

This report summarizes the work of the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative, 2010-2015. The initiative supports expanded access to best practice parenting education programs.

Effective Parenting Education in Oregon

Professors John Geldof and Karen Volmar of Oregon State University have published a report on the developing intersections between parenting education Hubs and Coordinated Care Organizations. The report, entitled "Opportunities to Expand Effective Parenting Education in Oregon," can be downloaded for free.

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