Volume XV | Issue 2 | Fall 2015
"The 90by30 initiative is going for nothing less than a total culture change." says Keavy Cook, director of the Ford Family Foundation’s Children, Youth and Families department.

Lane County

works to reduce child abuse and neglect by 90% by 2030

Community leaders in Lane County, frustrated by rates of child abuse and neglect, two years ago launched an innovative program that aims to reduce these rates by 90% by the year 2030. 

It’s a bold goal, but one that community leaders are convinced is realistic, given the strong work of groups already working in that area. 

“A key part of 90by30’s plan is to act as a bridge between individuals and groups across rural and urban Lane County who are already working in various ways to address child abuse and neglect,” says Phyllis Barkhurst, director of the 90by30 initiative. 

Collective Impact model

In order to decrease child abuse and neglect in Lane County 90% by the year 2030, 90by30 adopts a model that defines a prevention role for every person in the community. This Collective Impact model makes it possible for a diverse group of individuals and groups to work together to help solve a complex social problem, Barkhurst explains.

At the heart of the effort is the belief that the problem of child abuse is one that belongs to everyone. The Lane County effort uses a three-pronged approach based on this philosophy: We each have a role (in providing a safe community); we know what to do (each of us needs the knowledge and skills to combat the problem); and we will act (each person will take action to promote the safety of children).

“The 90by30 initiative is going for nothing less than a total culture change. Prevention is up to all of us,” says Keavy Cook, director of the Children, Youth and Families department at The Ford Family Foundation, which provides support to the Lane County initiative.  


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