Volume XVI | Issue 2 | Fall 2016
The town of Myrtle Creek has built a sense of community while helping local businesses through the popular “Cash Mob” activity.

Start a Cash Mob in your town

Myrtle Creek shows you how

One of Paulette C. Roden-Jones’ favorite Cash Mob visits was to the Myrtle Creek Saw Shop. “That mob blew our mobsters minds,” says Roden-Jones. “They had no idea our saw shop carried Carrhart clothes for adults and kids. It gave them an insight and a new place to shop for clothes.

“Cash Mobs are an amazing way to get to know your community, your customers and your local business owners.”

Cash Mobs are like flash mobs, but instead of singing and dancing they spend money as a group. They target local businesses to give the business owners an economic stimulus.

Interested in starting a Cash Mob in your town? Roden-Jones wants people to know it is not a complicated task. “It takes maybe two hours a month to plan and see it through, once the stage is set,” she says. “I own a business, have a husband and three kids, and volunteer with other organizations, and I was able to create and implement our program in a very short time with amazing community support. 

“Community buy-in is important, so if you can get the support of your city council, mayor, city staff, chamber of commerce and any other organization, you are set.”

Roden-Jones  welcomes inquiries for more information.

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