Volume XVIII | Issue 2 | Fall 2018
Hallie Ford Fellows in the Visual Arts for 2018: Avantika Bawa, Demian DinéYazhi’, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Bruce Burris and Elizabeth Malaska Photo: Harold Hutchinson

2018 Hallie Ford Fellows named

Talent and potential took the spotlight with the naming of the 2018 Hallie Ford Fellows in the Visual Arts in June. A jury of five arts professionals selected Avantika Bawa, Demian DinéYazhi’, Jessica Jackson Hutchins and Elizabeth Malaska of Portland, and Bruce Burris of Corvallis from a diverse pool of more than 150 applicants. Each artist received a $25,000 unrestricted award at a reception in their honor at the Portland Art Museum. They join 30 of their peers who have been selected over the last eight years as Hallie Ford Fellows.

“Despite their diverse practices, our newest Fellows share a lot in common — their fearlessness in pursuit of their art and the respect they enjoy among their peers,” says Anne Kubisch, president of the Foundation. “They bring into our family of Fellows a richness of experience that will also strengthen the community of contemporary art of the region.” 

The jurists determined that the new Fellows were at a pivotal moment of transition in their careers and an infusion of resources now might help catalyze their practice.

The 2018 recipients were selected based on:

  • Quality of work: artistic excellence/exemplary talent and depth of sophisticated exploration evidenced in past work
  • Evolution of their work: whether they are at a pivotal point in their practice and would benefit from a Fellowship at this time 
  • Effect of the Fellowship on their work: how the Fellowship goals are consistent with the artist’s goals, potential for future accomplishment and capacity both to improve individual work and contribute significantly to Oregon’s visual arts ecology
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