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Volume XXI | Issue 2 | Fall 2021
Cover Story

Creative solutions for child care in Happy Camp

In the wake of 2020's devastating Slater Fire, a group of leaders in Happy Camp, California and the Karuk Tribe rallied to fill a critical void in their community: child care. Although the lack of child care was already an issue before the Slater Fire, families now needed care for their children while they worked to rebuild their homes. Residents came up with a plan and worked together to open a new licensed child care center in a matter of months.

“To have kids in the building, it just really brought things to life,” Abigail Tower, head teacher at the Little Campers Child Care Center, says. “I think it made it all worth it.”

Laughter filled the play area at The Little Campers Child Care Center for the first time this summer, and the Happy Camp Community Center is looking forward to providing this crucial service in the years to come.

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Creative solutions for Child Care in Happy Camp

In the wake of 2020's devastating Slater Fire, a group of leaders in Happy Camp, California and the Karuk Tribe rallied to fill a critical void in their community: child care. Although the lack of...  Read More

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