Volume XII | Issue 1 | Spring 2012
Patty Scott, president of Southwestern Oregon Community College, greets a well-wisher at the opening of the Curry Campus in Brookings. Photo: Anne Matthews

A ready army of trained people

Leadership Program participant lauds 'invaluable networks'

Nearly two decades ago, Patty Scott was working on her dissertation at Oregon State University, focusing on leadership and community college employees’ role in the community.

Scott, now president of Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, says at that time there was very little research on the topic.

“Then 10 years later, Ford comes out with [the Ford Institute Leadership Program],” she says. “It was very difficult in 1995. Now, there’s a lot of good stuff out there.” 

Jumped in

When the Leadership Program came to the southwest coast area, Scott jumped at the opportunity to be a participant. 

Scott now serves as a Community Ambassador Team member for the Ford Institute. She helps present the Leadership Program curriculum, and coordinates and advocates for programs.

“It was kind of selfish. It was an interest of mine, and I saw what it could do in the community. I wanted to do what I could to make that continue,” she says.

Scott says the networks that participants build are invaluable. “I’ve met so many people in the other communities, it’s like I have this ready army of trained people who are ready to build communities and move forward.”  

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