A Juntos student from Yamhill County participates in an interactive workshop hosted by the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University.
Volume XIX | Issue 1 | Spring 2019
Cover Story

Juntos program looks to college readiness for Latinos

Ana Gomez began working with OSU Open Campus’ Juntos program at its inception in 2012. She believed in its purpose: to provide Latino families with resources to support the education goals of their children. It didn’t take long, though, to realize that she and the other coordinators were learning as much — if not more — than the participating families.

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Juntos program looks to college readiness

Ana Gomez began working with OSU Open Campus’ Juntos program at its inception in 2012. She believed in its purpose: to provide Latino families with resources to support the education goals of their...  Read More

A targeted plan of action

There was a hubbub of activity at last fall’s career and technical education night at Etna High School. About 80 people, many of whom drove for an hour to get to the remote Northern California town...  Read More

Two passions lead to medicine

Cassandra Kasten-Arias discovered her twin passions for biology and community service as a student at Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School in Beaverton, spending volunteer hours to pull invasive...  Read More

A future for Adrian

It began with a conversation. Community members at an Adrian High School basketball game in January 2018 began talking about how to make positive changes in their town, which was suffering some hard...  Read More

RARE expands capacity of rural towns

In 2016, when Elizabeth Gronert graduated from the University of Iowa, she didn’t quite know what to do next. She knew she wanted to get out of the Midwest. She knew she wanted to build career...  Read More

Camp creates supports for students

When Amy Gabriel accepted a job in 2010 as counselor at a brand-new youth camp near her home in Yreka, California, she was both excited and a little apprehensive. The senior-to-be hadn’t done much...  Read More

Doors of assistance

In 1971, a group of concerned residents in Hood River identified a need for a residential treatment facility for troubled youth. They launched The Next Door out of a rented farmhouse, offering...  Read More

Protect children

It has become too common of a news story: A pastor, a teacher, or a trusted authority figure is charged with child sexual abuse. The headline grabs attention and serves as a reminder that child...  Read More

Curators, Critics Tour

Renee Couture spends a lot of time alone in her cozy studio in Glide, creating the conceptual pieces that have won her acclaim. Last fall, she opened the door to a visitor — Julia Bryan-Wilson,...  Read More

Oregon artists honored nationally

Oregon artists were impressively represented on the recent list of grant recipients from the New York-based Joan Mitchell Foundation. Five of the 25 recipients were from Oregon, including three...  Read More

Influencing civilization

When Indian Givers was first published in 1988, author Jack Weatherford sought to place Native American history in its proper context: not as a separate category outside mainstream history, but as an...  Read More

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