Volume XXI | Issue 1 | Spring 2021
Casondra Reeves oversees the Select Books program. Photo: UV Magazine

The face behind Select Books

Casondra Reeves oversees the program

Did someone say free books? Since August 2000, The Ford Family Foundation has offered a select number of books free to residents of Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. Casondra Reeves, administrative associate at the Foundation, oversees the program. 

“We want to give people the tools they need to understand and engage in their communities,” she says. Reeves manages the purchase of inventory, the fulfillment process and the search for new titles. Topics cover a wide range — from community building and race relations to children’s books and family development. The book list features both local writers (Alison Hinson, Mabel and the Fire) and world-famous authors (Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers). Since its inception, Select Books has distributed 31,500 books to an estimated 28,400 people. 

To order a book, visit Select Books

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