Volume XXI | Issue 1 | Spring 2021
Molalla received evacuation notices in English when a huge fire threatened the area. Volunteers went door to door to spread the word in Spanish.

Lives at risk

When evacuation notices are only in English

In 2020 Molalla resident Santa Ávila’s work proved just how essential community builders are to the health and safety of those they serve.

By organizing with Fortaleza team members and other statewide networks, she made sure COVID-19 public health information was distributed to the farmworker housing community at Plaza Los Robles in Molalla. Then, during the September Oregon wildfires, she quickly gathered a group of volunteers to knock on neighbors’ doors. Evacuation information was being sent only in English, and residents needed to leave their homes immediately. 

These two life-threatening events illustrate how critical community builders’ work can be. Ávila’s sustained work during the pandemic and her swift response during the wildfire is helping to keep community members safe.  

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