Community Economic Development

Supporting small businesses and employing rural residents

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The Community Economic Development department supports rural communities as they take action to improve local conditions by supporting small businesses and employing rural residents.

We believe that investing in the economic stability of families and the success of businesses will elad to livable wage jobs, stronger economies and vibrant rural communities.

what we do

We provide grants and other supports to communities that have or would like to develop a defined plan of action for its economic growth. This work complements the efforts of the Rural Community Building department. We support the action steps that follow once communities have built their own capacity and commit to a community improvement plan. We support projects, programs and organizations that seek to:

  • Increase the number of sustainable businesses that are being created, expanded, and retained in rural communities
  • Increase the capacity of statewide systems that support rural community economic development
  • Increase the presence of long-term economic development planning and visioning in communities
  • Build families' financial strength to reduce stressors that negatively affect children

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