Community Building Approach

Rural residents taking the lead to build their community's future

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What is a community building approach?

A Community Building Approach puts rural residents and local groups at the center of the process as they build their community’s future in an inclusive and comprehensive way. It is centered on four Community Building Principles:

  • Go to where the people are
  • Start with what you know and build on what you have
  • Be profoundly inclusive
  • Keep the community at the center of the work

And it will engage the following six Community Building Practices:

  1. Listen to Learn
  2. Engage to Mobilize
  3. Skill Up, Branch Out
  4. Plan Together
  5. Create Change
  6. Celebrate and Reflect

Real and lasting change wells up from the community since the community is the best positioned to know its own needs. Community Building Approach Roles are some of the ways the Ford Institute can support you as you increase connections, build capacity and take community-led action. Doing this work takes purpose, passion and persistence. The Rural Community Building department is here to learn and partner with you.

Download the 2-page summary of how the we can help you with your community building efforts.



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