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Application Checklist and Tips for BEFORE You Apply

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Before you start any of our applications, in order to save time, be prepared with the following information: 

Application Checklist: Get the following information ready for your application! 

  • Financial Information
  • Most Current Transcripts
  • College Plans
  • *College History 
  •  *College Transcripts - 10 years or less
  • Activities (school, volunteer/unpaid work/family, paid work)
  • Personal Statements
  • Family Information

 *Only required for Ford Transfer and Ford Opportunity applications

  1. Complete the FAFSA, or equivalent*,

  2. Receive your 2023-24 Student Aid Report (SAR)

  3. Upload a PDF of your SAR to this application by the March 1 deadline at 5:00PM Pacific time.

See How to Find Your SAR and Save as a PDF for more information.

  • Most Current Transcript(s) – For high school or GED transcripts, please provide most recent transcript that shows your coursework through junior year. Unofficial transcripts are accepted. See How To Find Your Transcript and Save as a PDF for more information.
    Note for Ford Sons and Daughters applicants: High school transcripts must include your full name, your school's name, your cumulative GPA, and all coursework and grades at least through December 2022 (if currently enrolled).

  • College Plans – Let us know which college you will attend if you receive a Ford Family Foundation scholarship.

  • Activities Focused on Past Four Years
    • School
    • Community/Family/Unpaid Work 
    • Paid Work

  • Three Personal Statements Are Required 

    1. What have you done for your family or community that you care about the most and why? Provide specific examples. (150 words)

    2. Describe a skill, ability or knowledge you have developed that you are proud of. How did you develop it and why is it important to you? (150 words)

    3. What are you known for among people who know you well? What would you like to be known for and how will college help you achieve that? (150 words)
      Think of the place(s) you grew up or consider home. What lessons have you learned living there and how have they shaped who you are today? (150 words) 

  • Family/Household Information – Help us understand who makes up your household and/or living situation.

For Opportunity and Transfer—additional information needed:

  • College History and Transcripts — Provide transcripts—current through the past 10 years. If currently enrolled, current transcript must show your coursework and grades through December 2022 or first term depending on your schools academic calendar.



  • Treat your application like a resume. Show the selection committee your potential, what you’ve done and how you’ve already begun to make your mark in the world.

  • Do your best work. Make sure that the information you provide is complete and accurate.

  • Do not use abbreviations or slang in the Activities section or Personal Statements.

  • Complete all sections of the application. Review your completed application before submitting, correcting any typos in your Activities section and Personal Statements.

  • Use the Activities section and Personal statements to share what makes you unique.

  • Submit the correct transcript(s). Your application will be invalidated without the correct transcripts – no exceptions.

  • Be sure to complete your Financial Aid Report – FAFSA/ORSAA/CADAA as soon as possible after October 1 and be sure to upload your Student Aid Report (SAR) or equivalent to your application.

  • For each document uploaded to the application (financial aid and transcripts), remember:

    • Each document should have your name on it

    • Include all pages of the document

    • Make sure to first save the document as a PDF, then upload as a PDF. (See Applicant Help Guide for how to save your Student Aid Report as a PDF)

  • APPLY EARLY – scholarship application opens on November 1!

For more information regarding application requirements and Quick Tips are available at the Application Resources page.

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