Share Your Story: Remembering the kindness after the UCC tragedy

January 18, 2016: All of us were affected by the events that took place at Umpqua Community College on October 1, 2015. Our hearts broke for those who suffered. In the days following, many of us responded with generosity, compassion, and care. THE UMPQUA STORY PROJECT is gathering the stories and images of kindness. We want to know your story, so that we remember not only the suffering, but also the goodness that lives in this community.

TELL YOUR STORY: Call (541) 671-5711, 24 hours/day, and record your experience on a special recording line.

SHARE A PHOTOGRAPH: We are creating a photo collage of people who volunteered, donated, or engaged in acts of kindness. Please send a photo of you or others who donated time or resources to The collage will be exhibited in the coming year.

WRITE ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE: We are collecting written experiences. Write your story and email it to If you wish, you may submit it anonymously. These writings will be archived in the Douglas County Museum and made available to the public in the coming year.

INVITE US TO YOUR GROUP, BUSINESS OR ORGANIZATION: If you have a group of volunteers, friends, coworkers, or an organization that you’d like to have us interview, email We’ll schedule someone to record your stories.

Sponsored by The Ford Family Foundation and the Douglas County Museum



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