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Anne C. Kubisch

(541) 957-5574

Oversees general operations, program and staff development, external relations with partners, press, stakeholders; reports to Board for execution of policies. (Does not select investments.)

Aden Bliss

Chief Financial Officer
(541) 957-2564

Oversees operations and administrative functions, including finance and tax; grants and contracts; IT; facilities; HR; administration of the Foundation’s investment portfolio.

Kasi Allen

Director - Learning and Knowledge Management
(541) 957-2578

Develops an organization-wide approach to learning that assesses program and community-building work, improves practice, supports innovation, and advances strategy.

Donna Wolford

Manager, Executive Office and Board Relations
(541) 957-2561

Supports the Foundation's president, the executive office and Board of Directors; coordinates board and committee meetings.

Laura Crosier

Human Resources Specialist
(541) 957-2560

Provides support for human resources and administrative functions; maintains salary documents and completes compensation benchmarking surveys; coordinates insurance enrollments.

Mandy Elder

Communications Specialist
(541) 492-2393

Supports strategic communications across the Foundation. Helps coordinate internal communications and disseminate the Foundation’s work externally.

Jennifer Mitchell

Accounting Manager
(541) 957-1531

Manages the Foundation’s accounting function; prepares financial statements, tax returns and audit information; assists the Foundation’s CFO with budget preparation and investment monitoring.

Jaclynn Pike

Accounting Associate
(541) 957-2566

Facilitates the Foundation's payroll and accounts payable functions; assists the accounting manager with audit, tax and financial statement preparation.

Tom Winter

IT Manager
(541) 957-5574

Coordinates and reviews all technology — network, computers, servers, website, AV equipment, mobile devices, telecommunications and office equipment; trains staff on technology.

Lela Deherrera

IT Support Specialist
(541) 957-1533

Provides tech support to staff in Roseburg, Eugene and beyond; installs, tests and services computer hardware and software; coordinates AV and mobile device needs.

Carol Dalu

Grants Manager / Visual Arts
(541) 957-5574

Oversees management of all grants including the application and review processes, documentation, release of funds and compliance; manages the proactive Visual Arts Program.

Alisha Templeton

Grants Management Associate
(541) 957-5574

Responsible for tracking grant applications; assists applicants /grantees with online grant accounts; oversees verification of applicant compliance with regulations; maintains grant file-management system.

Heide Robles

Grants Management Assistant
(541) 492-2391

Provides administrative support to the Grants Management department. Aids in the distribution of grant funds, tracks grantee reporting and monitors programmatic contracts.

Ed McManus

Building Maintenance Associate
Cell (541) 671-0173

Manages the 20,000-square-foot headquarters building and campus in Roseburg, including landscape, HVAC, lighting, roof and security system.

Casondra Reeves

Admin Assistant/Conference Center Coordinator
(541) 957-2569

Serves as the receptionist for the Foundation’s Roseburg offce, provides administrative support, coordinates conference center scheduling and manages the Select Books program.

Community Economic Development

Kathleen Flanagan

Senior Program Officer
(541) 957-5574

Assists in developing and implementing strategic grantmaking areas on economic development in rural communities.

Rozalyn Mock

Associate Program Officer
(541) 492-2389

Manages a portfolio of rural capital grants, and assists with programs for workforce development and business financing.

Sara Wylie

Administrative Assistant
(541) 957-1526

Provides administrative support to the Community Economic Development department; maintains materials and records, and assists with events.

Ford Institute for Community Building

Roque Barros

Director - Ford Institute
(541) 957-1530

Provides leadership to the Ford Institute; focuses on community building; strengthens and builds community relationships and collaborations; supports capacity building in communities.

Max Gimbel

Associate Director
(541) 957-2567

Responsible for on-going operational oversight, design, evaluation and adjustments to Ford Institute for Community Building programs; assists with new program development for the Foundation.

Crystal Aston

Field Coordinator
(530) 925-6106

Works in the field to represent the Foundation throughout rural Oregon and Siskiyou County; supports all of the Foundation’s work at the local community level. 

Denise Bacon

Field Coordinator
(503) 840-5023

Works in the field to represent the Foundation throughout rural Oregon and Siskiyou County; supports all of the Foundation’s work at the local community level. 

Laura Isiordia

Field Coordinator
(503) 710-1317

Works in the field to represent the Foundation throughout rural Oregon and Siskiyou County; supports all of the Foundation’s work at the local community level. 

Katie Jameson

Field Coordinator
(541) 591-0759

Works in the field to represent the Foundation throughout rural Oregon and Siskiyou County; supports all of the Foundation’s work at the local community level. 

Maurizio Valerio

Field Coordinator
(541) 519-3902

Works in the field to represent the Foundation throughout rural Oregon and Siskiyou County; supports all of the Foundation’s work at the local community level. 

Yvette Rhodes

Senior Program Associate
(541) 957-2571

Assists with operations and programs of the Ford Institute and Community Economic Development; manages the Technical Assistance Grants.

Alicia Flory

Program Associate
(541) 957-2574

Secures facilities for trainings and events; coordinates travel and meetings. Works as a system administrator for the Foundation’s grants database.

Carrie Crouse

Administrative Assistant
(541) 492-2392

Provides administrative support for the Ford Institute for Community Building. Works closely with staff located in Roseburg and in the field.

Children, Youth and Families

Keavy Cook

Director - Children, Youth & Families
(541) 957-5574

Leads the Children, Youth, and Families department; responsible for strategy, budgeting. Develops and implements proactive programs in Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention and Access to Health and Dental Services for Children; maintains a portfolio of grants.

Christy Cox

Senior Program Officer
(541) 957-5574

Works with partners to implement proactive programs in Early Childhood Development; develops community engagement; builds systems to support families and young children; works collaboratively statewide.

Robin Hill-Dunbar

Program Officer
(541) 957-5574

Shapes strategies to support strong families and healthy children; works to improve kindergarten readiness, reduce the rate of child abuse, and provide access to health and dental services to underserved children.

Nathan Schult

Program Officer
(541) 957-5574

Develops/implements proactive programs for Youth Development and Education; develops community engagement; works collaboratively with partners, experts and change-makers in rural communities.

Levi Williams

Associate Program Officer
(541) 957-1525

Assists with strategies to support strong families and healthy children; works with Foundation grant-seekers and partners; conducts site visits of grant-seekers and advises grantees. 

Connie Christensen

Program Associate
(541) 957-2570

Assists with operations/programs of the Successful Citizens division, coordinates workflow for programs under Children, Youth and Families, and Postsecondary Success.

Robin Tripp

Administrative Associate
(541) 957-1532

Supports Children, Youth and Families department program staff; manages calendars; coordinates travel and meetings; maintains materials and records; supports program events for conferences and meetings. 

Kristin Cooper

Administrative Assistant
(541) 957-1534

Supports Children, Youth and Families staff; assists with daily operations, maintains materials and records, and provides assistance with events.

Postsecondary Success

Denise Callahan

Director - Postsecondary Success
(541) 762-0231

Responsible for the direction/leadership of the Foundation's scholarship and postsecondary programs; focuses on strategic planning; develops long-term community relations and collaborations with partners.

Ashley Potter

Programs Manager
(541) 762-0230

Estimates scholarship payout; prepares statistical reports; serves as liaison with the Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion for scholarship application data and reports; in the absence of the director, responsible for Eugene office operations.

Bonnie Williams

Manager of Scholar and Alumni Engagement
(541) 762-2524

Responsible for programs that engage Ford Family scholarship alumni and recipients. Helps scholarship recipients transition into the working world while cultivating a resource base to support the Foundation's mission. 

Jeff Strickland

Student Success Counselor
(541) 762-0228

Provides academic advising, personal counseling and career guidance to scholarship recipients. Helps students understand academic expectations, and provides support services to help students achieve their personal, educational and professional goals.

Katherine Gandee

Program Associate - Scholarship Events & Selection
(541) 762-0229

Plans and coordinates all scholarship events, conferences and campus visits; coordination and oversight of scholarship selection process.

Tayler Perez

Program Associate - Scholarship Awards
(541) 762-0227

Serves as liaison to college financial aid officers and Foundation scholarship recipients to administer student awards; monitors grades; manages the scholarship renewal process.

Sarah Boam

Administrative Associate
(541) 762-0234

Provides administrative leadership for the Scholarship office; direct support for the director of Postsecondary Success; coordinates scheduling; serves as liaison to Friends of the Foundation; oversees student workers.

Lynh Vo

Administrative Associate for Scholarship Supports
(541) 762-0232

Provides support for the Scholarship Office staff for student success, alumni engagement and scholarship awards.

Sarah Hubbard

Administrative Assistant
(541) 762-0226

Provides administrative support for the Scholarship Office staff; assists with daily operations; maintains materials and records; provides assistance with events and greets visitors.

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